Sooji Ka Halwa - The Pakistani Style

Sooji or semolina halwa is a Indian sweet which is very popular in Indian homes. The semolina is roasted in clarified butter or ghee and then cooked with water and ghee. Some people add milk instead of water to make it rich, some use a mix of water and milk. Every Indian state has its own version. Saffron , almonds, cashews, raisins , anything could be added . We even have fusion halwas.

Today I am making a Halwa which is a recipe by Shireen Anwar, fof Zaiqa of PTV. She has her own version, which is the best halwa I have had till date. She uses Kewra essence to flavor the halwa and uses sugar syrup instead of sugar. It does not have too much ghee but still is as rich. So let's get on to this ultimate recipe.

Sooji ka Halwa
250 gms semolina
5 cups water
3 cups sugar
1 cup ghee
Few cardamoms
Pinch orange food color
Few drops kewra essence
Combine water and sugar to boil.
Give it one good boil, after the sugar is dissolved.
In a pan add ghee and roast semolina on slow fire,
As soon as it lends a beautiful aroma, remove from the fire.
Add food color and flavor to the sugar syrup, Mix well.
Add this syrup to the roasted semolina and cook by watch for 3 MINUTES.
Switch off the gas and cover the halwa.
Serve after 15 minutes.

This is the breakfast that I served.. truly The Pakistani Style.

( a chickpea curry made nice and tangy with tamarind pulp, and minimum oil being the specialty)

Aaloo ki Bhujia
( raw potatoes simmered with spices for hours without a drop of oil)

( a semolina pudding with kewra and cardamom flavoring)

( a all purpose flour and whole wheat four puffed bread, made in a unique style)

( a yogurt based drink)

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