Re Cap of Around the World in 30 Days

International cuisine is a comprehensive set of cooking ,traditions and practices found throughout the world. It is influenced by culture, geography, religion, and most important the locally grown ingredients. Religion too plays a strong influence on these cuisines.

Each country has its own cuisine and each cuisine is an art in itself. We a group of bloggers at Blogging Marathon have tried to cook from various countries across the world. We have cooked from various categories and compiled this work of art. A big word of thanks to our team leader Srivalli, co bloggers, family who supported me to eat the various unknown dishes, my house staff..without them I would not be able to manage things and most of all my viewers. Here is a recap of Cuisine from various countries from A to Z. Enjoy this virtual treat!!

A - Afhanistan- Kabuli Pilaf

B - Burma Samusa Soup

C - Cambodia    Cambodian Meal

D- Denmark   Danish Apple Cake

E - Egypt   Egyption Breakfast

F - Finland   Pullah

G - Great Britain   English Breakfast

H- Hungary   Langoos

I - Indonesia   Indonesian Meal

J- Japan   Japanese Meal

K -Korea   Kimchi

L - Lebanon   Kibbe

M - Morocco   Morroccon Meal

N - Nepal   Nepali Daal Bhaat Tarkari

O- Oman   Omani Halwa

P- Pakistan   Punjabi Pakistani Naashta

Q- Qatar    Qatari Breakfast

R - Russia   Russian Pelmini

S - Sri Lanka   Sri  Lankan Meal

T- Turkey      Turkish   Bird's Nest

U- United States of America  American Breakfast

V-Vietnam    Vietnamese Meal

W - West Bank   Basboussa

X- Xalapa   Bean Tortilla

Y- Yemen   Mahalabiya

Z - Zimbabwe   Nozongo / Grilled Chibage

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