Kit Kat Cake - Olaf --Frozen Theme

BM # 51
Week : 5, Day  :1
Theme : Baking
Theme of the week : Decorative Cakes

Once November ends the search for a birthday cake starts...well it's my grand daughter's birthday in November, and as soon as her birthday finishes she starts looking for a birthday cake which she wants next year. She comes up with a new one every now and then but for her last birthday she knew she wanted one with Frozen theme. I was very keen on making a treasure box for her, but it is the frozen theme that she finalized. My DIL is good with making sugar paste characters so we decided to do Olaf.

We baked two small chocolate cakes and filled them with ganache. 
Frosted it with fresh whipped cream and added a wee bit of blue to the cream.
Kids favorite kit kat surrounded the cake ,melted chocolate was used to glue the kit kat.
 Next tied  a ribbon around the cake for extra support.
We covered the cake board with a thin layer of fondant, and used sugar paste alphabets to wish the little girl.
Olaf was made with sugar paste.

The cake was an inspiration from this video.It is a quick video, but gives you the brief idea that is needed.

So what you need is..
Two cakes , flavor of your choice
Ganache for filling
Cream for frosting
Kit kat slabs
A ribbon
Some melted chocolate
Sugar paste for Olaf character.
 Food colors in blue, black and orange

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