M & M Gravity Defying Cake

BM # 51
Week : 5 , Day : 2
Theme : Baking
Theme of the week: Decorative Cakes

Can you believe my 7 year old granddaughter introduced me to this cake. One fine day both my grandchildren came with loads and loads of gems packets and asked me to make a cake for them . Annaya quickly showed me a video on iPad and said..this is what I want. I promised to bake the cake for kids, but you think they could wait..right now...right now is all they went on. 

In we went in the kitchen and baked a basic small chocolate cake. We filled it up with ganache and frosted it with ganache too. Now was the time to open these packets of gems . Both the kids were excited and put these in a bowl. I was shocked that they did not pick even one to pop in . I kept teasing them...why don't you guys eat, but they just shook their heads , they wanted them all on that cake.

Once the cake was frosted we used a chopstick and poured melted chocolate on it , but very gradually.
Immediately start sticking the tiny gems.
The more hands the better.
I had many many hands though I had to make sure the chocolate coated chopstick does not droop or fall.
Once the stick is artistically coated with gems one needs to cover the cake too, but just a part of it.
Now comes the last bit, where we need to put that empty pack of M&M.
Ok let me be very frank, I used gems and got just one pack of M&M , since these are expensive in India.
The M&M pack should be cut at an angle , just a little bit.
I filled in a little bit of cotton in the pack and then stuck it to the coated chopstick.
Place it in the frig for a while , so that the stick does not fall off.
All set.
Can the kids wait...no lets get going.
In minutes the little hands were picking only gems, and I kept wondering why did I bake the cake if they had just to pick gems.

So what all is required

One basic cake
Ganache to frost
One chopstick
Cooking chocolate
One empty pack of M&M
Some cotton
And a few helping hands.

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