Fish and Chips, a vegetarian version

BM # 56
Week : 1 , Day : 1
Theme : Classic Combos
Country : England, London

The September Mega Marathon begins today and we have a Buffet on the Table that should please everyone. Like every mega marathon we shall work six days and take Sunday's off. We have two mega marathons every year, one in April and the other in September.
For this September we have five themes
Week 1 Classic Combos across countries
Week 2 Indian States
Week 3 Condiments across countries
Week 4 Breakfasts across countries
Week 5 Bloggers Choice

We begin with the first week and for this week we have classic combos . Some foods just work so well together, their flavor profiles seem to perfectly compliment one another. Something like made for each other ! 

While we have umpteen Indian food combos, I was surely at loss when it came to international combos. I did have many on mind like Pita and Hummus, Corn chips and Salsa, Mexican rice and Curry to name a few, but with these done ,  I could find  non veg versions. 

So for the first day I picked the most popular English Combo of Fish and Chips.
Fish and Chips usually sell through independent restaurants and take-aways known as Fish and Chip shops. Outlets range from small affairs to chain restaurants.

It is interesting to know that the batter to fry the fish is made in different ways. 
UK Fish and Chip shops traditionally use a simple water and flour batter, adding a little sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and a little vinegar to create lightness, as they create bubbles in the batter. Other recipes may use beer or milk batter, where these liquids are often substitutes for water. The carbon dioxidein the beer lends a lighter texture to the batter. Beer also results in an orange-brown colour. A simple beer batter might consist of a 2:3 ratio of flour to beer by volume. The type of beer makes the batter taste different: some prefer lager whereas others use stout or bitter.

Are you guys still wondering what am I upto?This is a vegetarian blog ! Well i made a vegetarian mock fish. This is a very old recipe from my brother's wife. I remember she making it more than 20 years back! 

The recipe is very simple but delicious to the core! All ingredients are mixed and boiled with milk and later cooked with semolina. We need to spread and set the mixture, then batter fry it. I made the mix and set it up in a fish mould. I didn't want to deep fry as I wanted to place the fish just out of mould. I just baked it for a few minutes.

The fish is served with chips and mushy peas or boiled peas . Normally a slice of lemon and tartar sauce is served on the side, but I served it with Mayonnaise, ketchup and a lemon slice. The meal is normally enjoyed with a glass of beer, but I served it with some chilled ginger ale.

Its a mock fish but served in the traditional manner. Coming to the recipe.

Vegetarian Fish
Serves 2-4
Recipe source : Simi ,my brother's wife

1/2 cup semolina
2 cups milk
25 gms cheese
6-8 cloves garlic, minced
A small piece ginger, minced
1 onion,finely chopped
2 green chilly, finely chopped
Few coriander leaves
Salt and pepper to taste

2 tbsp corn flour +water
Bread crumbs or crushed corn flakes

Boil milk.
Add all the ingredients except semolina.
Let boil.
Gradually add semolina to the milk, stirring continiously, till a lump is formed .
Transfer to a greased tray and let set.
Cut into pieces.
Dip in the batter, roll into either bread crumbs or crushed corn flakes.
Deep fry.

To make the fries 
Peel and chop potatoes into long strips.
Apply salt and deep fry till nice and crisp.

Finally serve the Fish with fries and boiled green peas.

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