Gujrati Thali

BM # 56
Week : 2 , Day: 1
Theme: Indian States
State : Gujarat

We begin with a new week and for this we will focus on Indian State Cuisine. We will do six posts and pick any Indian state for a day.

Well, living in Gujarat naturally my first choice is my own state. Gujarat is situated on the western side of India and has four regional cuisines, each different than the other , yet with many similarities. The Gujaratis are simple people and their day to day food is a simple lentil, with rice, a veggie with a chapati, some salad and buttermilk.

I have made many Gujrati Thalis with different menus, but this Thali is special. This is a Thali which I cooked at our hotel with the help of my chef. We had some guests at the hotel who were staying over a month. These were young boys who got bored of eating the hotel food and requested some change from the typical menu. Gujarati menu sounded good, but I knew my chef would not give them authentic Gujrati food, so I decided to cook and took his help with boiling and chopping. We had to cook for more than 100 people.

The Gujarati Thali menus are kind of fixed, so we followed that.

Gujrati Daal
( a daal which is sweet and sour with peanuts and dry dates)

Gujrati Kadhi
( chickpea and curd curry, again it has a hint of sweetness)

Bateka nu Rasse walu Shaak
( a potato curry with gravy, again slightly sweet )

Tindoda nu Shaak
( ivy gourds cooked simply with everyday spices, tempered with mustard)

( whole lentils , slightly sweet, with thick gravy)

Beet nu raitu
( whipped curd with grated beet root)

Leele chutney
( coriander and peanut chutney)

( diced onions, tomatoes and cucumber mixed with lemon and sugar, a simple salad)

Edada / Safed Dhokla
( steamed lentil cakes)

Methi na Gota
(fritters with fenugreek with a hint of sweetness )

( a sweet made from hung curd,a favorite among Gujaratis)

( thin small wheat flat breads)

( boiled steamed rice)



Since Daal and Kadhi are always a must in a Gujarati menu I have posted these and a couple of other recipes from time to time. You could check them on their respective links.

For today I shall give you the following recipes.
Beet nu Raitu

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