Khaman Dhokla

Khaman Dhokla has been a favorite with me since I was a little kid. I remember a small farsaan shop of a Gujju vendor who used to prepare some Gujrati snacks. He used to make them at home and bring them at his shop, very small shop but his preparation was very hygienic and had authentic taste. Mom too loved these, so whenever we would pass we would always pick some. Years later I got married and came to Gujarat, the real place to enjoy the Khaman.

It was here that I learnt the different varieties of Dhoklas, and the difference between Khaman and Dhokla. Khaman is prepared from the gram flour . It is soft and spongy and very light, with a hint of sweetness. Dhoklas look similar but are not as spongy, soft yes, but they lack the moisture of Khaman. Dhoklas could be made from a variety of lentils along with a small portion of rice. 

Our family is very fond of both Dhoklas and Khaman and I have different versions. Here are a few.

Stuffed Dhoklas with Spinach and Carrots
Paalak Mattar ke Dhokle
Sooji aur Paalak ke Dhokle
Sooji na Dhokla
Daal  Dhokla
Makai na Dhokla
Chaula Mehi na Dhokla
Gujrati Peela Dhokla
Edada / Safed Dhokla
Instant Corn Dhokla

The last time I made khaman , I made Sev Khamani out of it, which is yet another specialty of Gujarat. I could not post the Khaman then, so here is one of the most popular Gujarati snack Khaman. The Khaman is a part of the Indian Breakfast for Buffet on table.

Khaman is genrally served with a sweet kadhi and fried green chillies.

For Khaman  recipe click here.

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