Recap - Buffet on Table

The month of September is a hectic month where we post a recipe everyday. We work with themes which are mutually decided by our blogging group. This mega marathon has some or the other kind of twist or challenge, which makes it interesting to go about.
Here is a recap!

We decided to name it Buffet on Table and had five themes. We decided to make Combos for the first week . The combos had to be from different countries. A very interesting theme where foods that pair with each other were cooked . There is a vast variety of these , here is what I chose for Combo theme.

Fish and Chips

Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese - America

Yellow Thai Curry with Steamed Rice - Thailand

For the second week we focused on Indian States. India is a land of diversity. Cuisine differs across different regions as a result of variation in local culture, geographical location and economics. It also varies according to the season . During the Indian Food Odyssey we travelled through all Indian states and presented their special cuisine , but for this marathon I cooked from six selected states . I made complete spreads , check out for yourself.

Next in the series are condiments across countries. This is one of the most interesting themes, and since this was a Mega Marathon , I wanted to make special condiments , these can be used to enhance your dishes.

Dukka - Egypt

Breakfast is an important meal of the day . Each country has their own special breakfast and it is rather interesting to see how different countries serve their breakfast. I did make a couple of breakfast spreads during our Around the World in 30 days, but the quest to learn more is always there, so with Breakfast across countries as the week 3 theme here are a few more spreads from different countries. I have a spread from our own country India too where I have breakfast from all the four regions .

The last weeks theme is the most interesting. Bloggers choice where we choose to blog just about anything. Since I love traveling , I have shared my travel and food experiences in the last week.

Jodhpur, Sweet and Savory Treats

Kutch , The Street Food and The Rann Utsav

Haridwar , Food and Religion  

With this we come to the end of this recap of Buffet on Table !Hope you enjoyed it.
A big word of thanks to Srivalli, my fellow bloggers, my family , these marathons cant be complete without them !

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