C - Chashni Bread / Crisp Sweet Bread

BM # 63
Day : 3
Theme: Regional Cuisine 
Cuisine : Sindhi

Chashni Bread is a breakfast dessert in Sindhi homes. It's nothing but simple bread fried to a crisp golden and then immersed in sugar syrup. Yes, you could call it a simpler version of Shahi Tukde. Shahi Tukde has a layer of Rabri and which makes the bread a little soggy after a while , but Chashni Bread remains crunchy unless you have a humid climate. Sindhis are very fond of Pistachios, and garnish the sweet bread with pounded Pistas.

Sindhis are famous for their hospitality and go overboard while feeding their guests. For breakfast The table is well set for guests and there is a wide spread . The menu normally has 3-4 savory dishes along with at least two desserts. Fruits and juices. Majoon in winters is kind of must. The breakfast may not be typically Sindhi, it is normally one main Sindhi heavy dish, something like Daal Pakwan or Aaloo Poori , Sayun Patata which gets complimented with lighter side dishes. The desserts vary according to the combination of the dishes. Chashni bread is also called Mithi Bread. Chashni as you all know is sugar syrup. Well people are getting calorie conscious so some families toast the bread crispy and immerse it in the syrup. So you do get a nice crunchy sweet bread. Mind you this is not juicy like the Shahi Tukde. Let's get to the recipe for the third day for our Journey Through the Cuisines and A-Z Challenge.


Chashni Bread

4 slices bread
Ghee for deep frying

1/2 cup sugar
Cardamon powder

Pounded pistachios

Cut the bread slices diagonally.
Heat ghee and deep fry the bread triangles till crisp and golden.
Remove with a slotted spoon .
Place them on a kitchen towel.

Add just enough water for the sugar to dissole.
let it boil and come to one string syrup.
Add cardamon.
Remove from flame.

Dip the bread triangles in the syrup.
Remove immediately.
Garnish with pistachios.

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