E - Eraun ji Mithai / Eraun ji Barfi / Bottle gourd Fudge / Lauki ki Barfi

BM # 63
Day : 5
Theme: Regional Cuisine 
Cuisine : Sindhi

On the fifth day of our Journey through Cuisines I have Eraun ji Barfi. Eraun is bottle gourd ! Frankly speaking this word Eraun was totally new to me, even though it is a Sindhi word. I heard it for first time from Alka of Sindhi Rasoi. While discussing my list with her, she suggested Eraun jo Seero...and I wondered what Eraun was, she explained that this was the word used by Shikarpuri community of Sindhis. My elder daughter is in a Shikarpuri family, so while speaking to her mother in law , the Eraun was confirmed and the Seero , which is a Halwa was transformed to a Barfi.

Shikarpur is a city in Pakistan, and the people belonging to that city are called Shikarpuris. People belonging to the different cities in Pakistan were called by those names.Let me tell you that all Sindhis are not Anis! The Sindhi surnames are derived from place of origin, birth, occupation, caste, title among others .Most of the -ANI surnames are made with adding -ANI to a personal name. Then we have Sindhi surnames based on place names, based on professions, based on castes, based on the title ( Chaudhry, Mukhia). Some surnames have Ja suffix while some have pal suffix,so we have Nagpals, Ahujas, Khannas , Mukhis, Thakurs too along with many Anis. So , beside Anis there are other surnames of Sindhis too. So more communities, we have more names, a benefit to us bloggers.

Earun ji Mithai

500 gms earun / bottle gourd
125 gms sugar
125 gms khoya
2 tbsp ghee 
1 tsp cardamom powder
Khoya, saffron , nuts for garnish

Choose a soft bottle gourd.
Peel and wash it.
If it has seeds, then discard the center part of it.
Grate the bottle gourd.
Squeeze out the excess water.
In a non stick pan add a teaspoon of ghee and add the bottle gourd.
Let it cook till almost dry, add sugar.
This will ooze out moisture , let it dry.
As soon as it dries add the grated khoya and another tsp of ghee.
Cook again till complete dry.
Remove a teaspoon and cool .after it has cooled down try making a ball if it binds well then the Barfi shall bind, else you still need to cook.
Remove in a greased tray.
Grate some khoya on top.
Leave it to set for 2-3 hours.
Cut into pieces.
Garnish with saffron and nuts.

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