H - Halwe ja Sambosa / Stuffed Sweet Pastry

BM # 63
Day : 8
Theme: Regional Cuisine
Cuisine : Sindhi

In our Journey through the Cuisines ,with the alphabet H , I had the option of making either Halwa or Halwe ja Samosa. When Sindhis talk of Halwa they refer to the Karachi Halwa. The Sooji ka Halwa is Seero in Sindhi.

The Karachi Halwa has lot of significance and it is very popular in Sindhi families.Its customary to give at least one box of this Halwa on the engagement of a girl. Of course with time the number of boxes has increased as this is then distributed among close family and friends.So much so for the Halwa, what about the Halwe ja Samosa ?

These are made just like our savoury samosas, but the crust is salt free. The halwa is chopped into small pieces and the stuffing is ready. On deep frying the Halwa melts a little and becomes gooey.

These samosas are made on Holi festival and are also called Mitha Sambosas. There might be hundreds of Sindhi sweet shops all over India but when it comes to Halwa it is only from Tharu of Mumbai that the Sindhi's buy from. 

Halwe ja Samosa

1 cup APF
2 tbsp warm ghee

Readymade Halwa
Omani Halwa

Add warm ghee to the sifted flour.
Rub with hands to resemble bread crumbs.
Adding water make a firm dough.
Cover with a muslin cloth and leave for 20-30 minutes.
Pinch out even sized balls.
Roll a ball to a 6 " disc.
Cut the disc from the center.
Apply little water on the edge of the sliced disc.
Join the two edges, thus forming a cone.
Place the cone between your thumb and forefinger.
Place a few chopped pieces of the Halwa.
Apply water with finger tips to seal the cone.
You could pinch and make designs while sealing.
Deep fry the samosas in ghee, making sure they cook on medium flame.
Fry till nice and golden.
The Halwa stuffing melts after frying.

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