I - Ice Gola / Gandho

BM # 63
Day : 9
Theme: Regional Cuisine 
Cuisine : Sindhi

While working on my list for this marathon I was completely lost when it came to the alphabet'I' I wanted something sweet and Sindhi ! I kept discussing with family and friends but some how could not find a solution. One fine day mom and I were talking and she was telling me about her Pakistan Days, about the street foods that they would enjoy after school . When she mentioned Gandho, I knew I had to pick that as my post for 'I'. Gandho is the Sindhi name for Ice Gola. We also call it Barfa jo Golo.

It's during the summers that here in Gujarat we see maximum carts of Ice Gola. Ice Gola is simple shaved ice on a stick and enjoyed as a candy with a variety of flavors.
Of course,The Mumbai walas will always vouch for their famous Kala Khatta of Juhu as the best Gola. Well the variety here is enormous and I shall soon post more versions of these.

This is the sole post which I did right at the end. I was waiting for summers to come so I could get those bamboo sticks to make the Gola. When finally I got them I tried making it with some granita , but it did not work. I took a thick towel, put ice cubes and then using a hammer crushed the ice, yet I was not happy. Finally I bought a Gola mchine and now I could shave ice like the Gola vendors do.

I used three different flavors for the three Golas. Jannate Gulab, which is Rose and always in my pantry, orange, which has the taste of fresh oranges and finally Cold Coffee. This is a ready syrup that we get. It tastes like coffee. Ice Golas are my post for the 9 th day for BM and A-Z Challenge.

Ice Gola

What you need

Bamboo stick
Sugar syrup
Ice shaver machine

How to go about
Shave ice in a glass.
Take the bamboo stick, make a slit in the center . The slit should be just about 2" long.
Fix the stick in the center of the glass, press the ice and compress.
Pour sugar syrup and enjoy.

This is my Gola Maker machine.

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