A to Z , 26 Traditional Sindhi Sweets

We are a group of Bloggers running marathons month after month. We normally blog thrice a week but April and September are our special months, where we blog everyday except Sunday. This April we decided to choose our a region and cook alphabetically. 

Sindh is a state in Pakistan and it was during the 1945 partition that most Hindu Sindhi's came to India. Sindhi's who were once rich zamindars had to struggle to meet ends. I have heard nerve wracking stories from my grandmother and parents. Sindhi's are hard working and great business men and as a result have come up and you shall find them all over the globe. 

The new generation is at a loss as they are not acquainted with Sindhi Culture and food. I have tried my best to get all Sindhi Sweets in one place. Sindhis have different communities , traditions, customs and food , so the recipes may vary.

Hope you enjoy this virtual treat and this is a helpful post.

Thanks Valli for giving me an opportunity to learn what I had been wanting to since years.

A - Aatey ja Ladun

C - Chasni Bread

F - Faloodo

N - Naarail ji Mithai

R - Ratalu Gajrun jo Seero

T - Tahiri

X - Xtra Sweet Mithi Boondi

Z- Zardo

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