Beet Root Yogurt Sandwiches

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I love beetroot for its earthy look and flavor, I love beetroot for its deep color and I love it for all the health benefits it provides. It works so well as a food color, as garnishing . My friend Archana has done a beautiful post on beetroots and has compiled all beetroot recipes, so do check them , you will be amazed at her effort .

I wanted to make daises for the beetroot sandwiches , but realized did not have a cutter to get that shape, so just went on with a simple flower. I made a beetroot spread which had greek yogurt as the main ingredient. I added beetroot puree to the yoghurt, but never puree a raw beetroot, it will separate the water, I boiled the beetroot and then puréed, this gives a smooth puree. If you wish to bake, you can even bake and then puree. Mayonnaise is another versatile ingredient , I added this and some seasoning to the mix. These sandwiches look pretty and are healthy as well.

Beetroot Spread
1 cup greek yogurt
2 tbsp garlic mayonnaise
Pinch white pepper
Salt to taste

Boil the beetroot, peel and grate it.
In a bowl add the grated beetroot, greek yogurt, mayonnaise, salt and pepper.
Mix well .

Beetroot Sandwiches
Beetroot Spread
Mint for garnish

Cut 2 bread slices using a flower shaped cutter.
Apply butter.
Taking a smaller flower shaped cutter, cut the center of one of the slices.
Apply the beetroot spread on the first slice.
Place the second slice on top.
You shall see the beetroot spread from it.
Glue a mint leaf on one side with the help of butter.
Make more sandwiches in the similar way.

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