Caramel and Walnut Sandwich


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Day: 15
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Caramel is one of my favorite flavors and I love home made caramel. I normally love to keep a small jar in my fridge. It's toffee like lingering flavor is literally to die for. This is a sandwich which I did not plan, it just evolved from all of my favorite ingredients from my cake accessory box. I must tell you that I have a box which has lots of small packets which would normally be used for cakes or cookies. 
So check out what this sandwich has -

Caramel and Walnut Sandwich
Caramel sauce
Mixed peel
Caramelized walnuts ( crushed)

Apply butter to the bread slices.
Spread caramel sauce on them.
Sprinkle mixed peel and crushed Caramelized walnuts.
Bring together both the slices to form the sandwich.
Cut into pieces .
Garnish with chocolate chips.

Since I was making mini sandwiches I cut the bread with a square cookie cutter and then made the sandwiches . I did not want make the sandwich and then cut as the caramel would have oozed out while cutting.

 These sandwiches were a part of my Dessert Sandwich Platter where I made
Fruit Sandwiches
Caramel & Walnut Sandwiches
Chocolate and Mango Sandwiches
The recipes for Caramel and Chocolate Fondue shall follow soon.

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