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Strawberries are available only for a very short time here in Ahemdabad. While they are available I become very greedy and want buy them in bulk . The children like strawberry shake and I like Strawberry Slush , so the strawberries are normally consumed fast.

One fine day I went to the wholesale market and I picked a dozen boxes as the vendor was giving them so cheap. I was happy I got a good deal . In the evening hubby comes home and gives me another dozen boxes of strawberries. I was shocked ! I gave him a look and he wondered why..I asked him to open the frig. We both burst out laughing. And now was the time to compare the price, well since I picked from wholesale I had a better deal, but what do you do with two dozen packs ? I already had strawberry pulp in the freezer, so the only option left was to make jam. Wonder if my friends remember me asking them for a recipe. Anyway the process is very simple and the jam is totally worth making.

I used this jam and Grape Jam to make some Basic Jam Sandwiches for Cooking Carnival.

Strawberry Jam

500 gms strawberry
11/2 cups sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice

Snip the tops and soak the strawberries for about half hour.
Rinse thoroughly and chop them roughly.
Place them in a pan with sugar and lemon juice and cook on medium fire.
Stir occasionally till the strawberries are are soft and cooked.
Simmer the flame and continue cooking till the mixture has reduced.
When the mixture starts to leave the sides of the pan, the jam is ready.
At this point one must do the plate test.
Plate test
Take a plate and place a tsp of the prepared jam.
Let it cool.
If the jam has set without the water being separated , the jam is ready.
Store the jam in sterilized jars.

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