Jam Sandwiches with Grape Catterpillars

BM # 68
Day: 11
Theme : One Category - Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme - Sandwich Platters

We move on to the 11th day in our Cooking Carnival and I am working on Sandwich Platters this week, where I am posting recipes either with different sandwiches or sandwich related recipes.

Today I have two jam sandwiches, actually come to think of it , it is no big deal making these sandwiches. They are simple bread , butter and jam. Even a kid can make these.So why am I posting these? That too for Mega Marathon? Home made Jams are the highlight of this post. I had never made jams and it was my very first trial and I was very happy with both. They turned out delicious.

Food Craft has always attracted me, while I made jam from grapes and strawberries, I thought of using the same two fruits for these cute little caterpillars.

The key to a good basic jam sandwich is a good quality bread. The bread should be super soft . The sides should be trimmed , it should have a good layer of butter and then a layer of jam.

Jam Sandwich
Home made Strawberry Jam
Home made Grape Jam

Neatly trim the edges.
Apply a generous layer of butter on both the slices.
Apply jam on one of these buttered slices.
Bring together both the slices to make a sandwich.
Cut into two pieces.

Grape and Strawberry Caterpillars

What you need
Chocolate chips
White chocolate chips

How to go about
Remove the grapes from the stalks, wash them well.
Place on a kitchen towel and pat dry.
Remove the stalks from strawberries, wash and pat dry.
Take a skewer and thread the grapes and finally a strawberry at the end.
Stick the chocolate chips for eyes.
Make the rest of the caterpillars in the same way.

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