Mexican Toastie

BM # 68
Day :10
Theme : One Category - Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme -  Sandwich Platters

While making my toasties for Cooking Carnival, I made a platter  of Toasties with Left Overs , here is the first one.

One of the most common left over in our house is Raajma. Yes the same Raajma Chawal which I greedily make extra . I always enjoy eating these for the next meal too. For today I have transformed our Punjabi Raajma into a Mexican Toastie.

Kidney beans are a base of Mexican Cuisine and this Toastie is a super delicious one with all Mexican ingredients.

The left over Raajma needs to be dried a little as it has gravy, so just place the curry into a non stick pan and put them on high flame. Mash them with a potato masher and stir at regular intervals. Cook till all the gravy has been absorbed.We are now ready with our basic stuffing. Well this is something like our refried beans.

There is no recipe for this but let me tell you how I went around and what all do we need.Step by step pics shall help you to understand.

Mexican Toastie
Greek yogurt
Mexican seasoning

Spread butter on two slices.
Spread salsa on one slice.
Place some boiled corn kernels and finely chopped capsicum.
On this place the prepared stuffing from the Raajma.
Spread some black olives and then a spoon of greek yogurt.
Sprinkle Mexican seasoning and place another slice of bread to make the sandwich.
Toast the sandwich in a toaster.
Serve with ketchup.

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