Sandwiches on a Stick

BM # 68
Day: 19
Theme : One Category - Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme - Sandwiches with a Twist

We are into the 4th week of Cooking Carnival and for this week I am making non traditional sandwiches. These are sandwiches which are different than the normal bread butter and filling between two or more slices.Today's sandwich is a sandwich which is threaded on a Skewer. I made mini sandwiches with different breads and one can really get innovative with these sandwiches. I made three different variations and it was actually fun creating and eating them. While making these sandwiches we should make sure that the bread should be cut into mini bites, else it gets hard to eat, plus the skewer is not able to hold the sandwich firmly. There is no particular recipe but I will tell you how and what went into making these different sandwiches.

Ingredients for the first sandwich
Brown bread
White bread
Carrot slices
Cucumber slices
Cheese slices
Cherry tomato

Trim the edges of the bread .
Apply butter and sprinkle some seasoning.
Cut into bite sized pieces.soak the lettuce in chilled water, after a while pat dry on a kitchen napkin .
Slice the cucumber and carrot.
Wash the cherry tomatoes.
Take a skewer , fold and thread in the lettuce leaf.
Next thread a brown bread sandwich, carrot and cucumber slice go in next.
Thread in a white bread sandwich .
Roll a cheese slice and thread it finishing it with a cherry tomato.

For the next variation
Brown bread
White bread
Cucumber slices
Capsicum dices
Herbed cottage cheese cubes

Trim the edges of the bread .
Apply butter and sprinkle some seasoning in one of the sandwiches.
Place a cucumber slice in the other mini sandwich.
Take a skewer and thread a red capsicum dice, next a brown bread sandwich.
Thread in a cottage cheese cube, followed by a cucumber sandwich.
Diced yellow capsicum goes next which is finished by a black olive.

The third variation that I tried was with fruits and chocolate.
Brown bread
White bread
Kiwi cubes
Pineapple cubes

Using a round cookie cutter cut the brown and white breads .
Using the white and brown breads cut mini squares too.
Spread nutella on one of the round breads and make a sandwich.
Spread butter on the other round sandwich filling it up with strawberry slices.
The third sandwich is with brown and white bread with nutella filling.
Now take a skewer, thread in a nutella round sandwich, then a kiwi cube topped by the strawberry sandwich.
Next you thread in a pineapple cube, finish with the mini nutella sandwich.

Well you could see the pictures and make your sandwiches.

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