Sandwiches with Leftovers

BM # 68
Day :10
Theme : One Category - Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme - Sandwich Platters

We begin with a fresh week of Cooking Carnival and for this week my main category remains Sandwiches but my sub theme changes to Sandwich Platters.Here I shall be making platters  which would have either two or three variations of sandwiches or  multiple posts related to the sandwiches.

Many a times we have left over curries or dry sautes and no one is interested in repeating them. In such cases it is best to change their form and consume them. I like to finish off these leftovers as early as possible, though one can always freeze them. The climate here in India is not very favorable for freezing and more over we have lot of power cuts as a result so many times the frozen stuff has to be thrown or consumed at a time when one really doesn't want to. What ever left overs we have are finished before lunch. Toasties is one of my favorite breakfast so I dry up the curry add some seasonings and just make a delicious stuffing for my toasties.
For today I shall share toasties from three left overs.

It was interesting creating this platter where I have made fresh Pav Bhaji and fresh Scrambled Paneer, though Raajma was a left over. Obviously I could not have three left overs !

The three Toasties that I made for this platter are -
Mexican Toastie
Scrambeled Paneer and Pesto Toastie
Pav Bhaji Toastie

I shall creating different posts for different toasties. Enjoy these fusion toasties, which will be done without much fuss.

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