Sandwiches with Potatoes

BM # 68
Day : 12
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While making sandwiches I wanted to make a platter with the Mumbai Sandwiches. What are Mumbai Sandwiches?Well Mumbai has the most amazing variety of sandwiches a person can ask for. They have the Mumbai Masala Sandwich, Activity Sandwich! Spinach and Corn Sandwich, Vegetable , oh the list is endless . From all the sandwiches I picked two of them , both potato based. On my visits to Mumbai Sandwich is the next best thing I enjoy besides Vada Pav and Sev Puri. While you stand on the road to get these made one can carefully observe the way they make these Sandwiches. Today's recipes are from my observation at the Sandwich wala.

Potatoes are a favorite with most of us.At least they are my favorite. I can actually survive on them.Sometimes I wonder what if ever I get diabetic? I would have to give up potatoes...Can't ever think of it. Anyway since all is well let us enjoy these Potato based Sandwiches . I shall also give you the recipe for the Sandwich Masala that these vendors sprinkle on these to get that special zing.

One can spot the Sandwich vendors at every nook and corner of Mumbai.they have a hand held toaster and toast the sandwiches in it. These hand held toasters were what we used years back but with the electric ones these are kind of outdated in homes.Even I did not have one, I asked a couple of friends and all had the electric ones, so I went and bought one. My family knows I am crazy, so did not comment but my friends...well the sandwich had to be authentic, right ? 

I made two popular sandwiches and the Sandwich Masala for this platter. The Sandwich Chutney is the same that I normally make .

Bombay Masala Sandwich
Grilled Potato and Cheese Sandwich
Sandwich Masala

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