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Another Vada Pav ? Yes ! This is our Amdavadi Vada Pav. Very very different from the Mumbai version. Yes, I am posting Desi Sandwiches this week and will be using Ladi Pav to make them.

The Vada Pav definitely originated in Maharashtra but the Amdavadi's, they have taken it to a completely different level. It is utterly butterly delicious. Yes, it is dunked in butter. When this street food came to Ahmadabad, we had just one small stall and every time a guest came we would make sure they indulge on this particular Vada Pav. Over a period of time many shops have come up, every nook and corner has these special shops selling this lip smacking treat. 

I am sure a couple of my blogger friends will recall the style of making Vada Pav in Ahmadabad as they took some pics and videos while we had our first BM meet here . First thing the Pav is different and tastes like a regular bakery Pav, it is soft but much bigger and thicker. The Pav is cut with a knife rather than tearing, then it is roasted with a big chunk of butter and garlic chutney. The chutney here is different too, it does not have coconut. Once the Pav is well roasted in butter it is flipped and again roasted, but without the garlic chutney. Green chutney is spread on one side and the Vada is placed. The whole sandwich is then placed on the griddle and once again roasted. It comes on the chopping board and is cut into pieces. Ketchup and green chutney are served, So this is the Amdavadi version, you see the. gujjus are very fond of butter and cheese. 

Let's get to the recipe 

Amdavadi Vada Pav
( the Vada is similar to Mumbai Vada , minus curry leaves, coriander seeds )
Trust me the flavors change with these two ingredients
Garlic chutney
Green chutney

¾ cup chick pea flour
1/8 tsp turmeric powder
Pinch asafoetida.
Pinch baking soda
Salt to taste

Combine all ingredients in a bowl.
Make batter using water.
Dip each potato ball in this batter so that it coats all over.
Deep fry to a golden brown.

Assembling the Vada Pav
Slit the pav , making sure not to cut through.
Place a griddle on flame, make sure it is on medium fire, do not Heat it.
Add a chunk of butter, at least 1 tbsp, you could add more.
Add the garlic chutney and saute it with the butter.
Roast the inside side of the Pav on this garlicy butter, make sure the butter is enough to coat both the inside pieces.
Add more butter and flip over to roast the top.
Remove and add green chutney on one side , place the Vada in the center.
Place the ready sandwich back on the griddle and roast it once again.
Bring it on the counter and cut it into.
Serve hot with chutney and ketchup.

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