The Sandwich Festival...over 40 Sandwiches ! - Recap of Cooking Carnival 2016

Yes you have come to Sandwich Festival. I have been posting sandwiches through out September for our event Cooking Carnival.These are not very fancy sandwiches where you need to go and get special ingredients,but simple ones and you shall find practically everything in your pantry.

The word sandwich is very very wide and one can make sandwiches with many things, but I have made them with bread and butter..original style !

While making sandwiches the bread has to be really good, if you can bake your own, nothing like it. I would have loved to do so myself but we hardly have bread eaters at home. Everytime I made these sandwiches I normally got a big bread, I had to wait for it to finish so I could start with the next one.

I preferred to trim the edges and at the end realized I had a box full of these edges, I simply placed them in my oven , toasted them to a golden and made bread crumbs.At times I used these edges for making bread upma too.

Throughout this series I have used different varieties of breads which makes a real difference in the taste of the sandwich. 

I have different themes for every week and here is a recap of all the posts.

Week 1
Sandwich Cakes
Pizza Cake
Potato Cake


Week 2
Desi Fiesta

Kaanda Bhajiya Pav

Week 3
Sandwich Platters

 Sandwich Masala

Baby Corn and Pepper Bread sticks

  Fruit Sandwich

 Chocolate and Mango Sandwich

Week 4

Sandwiches with a Twist

Sandwiches on a Stick

Week 5
Fun with Sandwiches

Minion Sandwiches

Ship Sandwich

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