Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fruit Lollies

BM # 5  Day 7
As kids we used to run down to the grocer’s and ask for lollies…thin plastic tubes with frozen water added flavours and colors…pepsicola….this is what they were called.Our parents never really opposed but with today’s changing times we don’t allow our children to indulge into buying such lollies.Instead prefer to make them at home with fresh fruit pulp, these are healthier and safer.
Strawberry Orange lollies..

For these I used strawberry and orange pulp.
Check out the recipe here.

Just fill this concentrate into the mould .Freeze.
Mango Starred lollies..

Puree the mangoes with sugar,fill in the moulds.Freeze.
Once frozen remove from the moulds and drizzle some choclate sauce on these.
Sprinkle some stars.
Refreeze on plastic sheets.
Please see that you switch your refrigerator on quick freezing.This will make them freeze fast as children have no patience once they know lollies are being made. J
To remove an ice lolly from its mould, once frozen, the individual mould needs to be held in a container filled with warm water or under a running tap until the ice lolly can be released. Enjoy!
This is the last post in this series..hope you chilled out with these summer refreshers.....

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  1. Thats a neat idea. I just got the moulds to make these lollies. Shall surely make mango, orange, strawberry and watermelon without fail. I gotto check what else these kids would like :)

  2. Wow the lollies are so yummy just wanna lick them all..... please pass some here..... Remembered my childhood.... Thanks for posting this..

  3. Starred lollies are very pretty! Must have tasted good.. Yes, I enjoyed a lll the summer coolers you had these past 7 days

  4. Wow.absolutely love this.Love to have them right now
    South Indian Recipes

  5. Marvellous,catchy and colourful, feel like having those delicious lollies rite now..

  6. Lovely looking lollies. I'm sure my son would love them. It was fun running the marathon with you and enjoyed all the refreshing Summer coolers you made..

  7. Wow they look so cute. My kids would love them for sure.


  8. hey vaishali... these remind me of my kiddie days.. dont have kids still but sure gonna make it for hubby and me... hehe..