Friday, May 27, 2011

Seyal Maani / Fulka

BM # 5  Day 5
Maani is chapatti or fulka.Seyal Maani is chapattis mixed with herbs and tomatoes,made a little mushy and served for breakfast in Sindhi homes.Actually I don’t mind it as a meal or even a evening snack.
Normally made from left over chapattis,but fresh ones too can be used.Today while blogging nostalgic feelings surround me.I remember my grandma,making this dish for me.Amma as we fondly called her,would make this oily and spicy,with a taste that cant be achieved by me.There are different versions of this particular dish,one such one is Hara Samosa…but I like this the best!!Well lets come to the recipe now…

6…………whole wheat chapattis
¼ tsp…….. red chilly pwd
¼ tsp……... turmeric
½ tsp ……..dhania jeera pwd
Salt to taste
2tb sp ……..oil

Coarsely ground paste…..

1 big bunch..coriander
8-10cloves ...garlic
¼ tsp……….ginger
2………...….green chilly
½ tsp ……….dhania jeera pwd
½ tsp ……….red chilly pwd
¼ tsp………..turmeric
Salt to taste
2tb sp……….oil

Make a coarse paste of the above ingredients.add oil after the herbs and spices have blended well.
Apply this paste to your chapattis.
Break into small pieces.
Heat oil in a pan.
Add the left over green paste.
Add tomato puree.
Add the spicies.
Add the broken chapatti pieces.
Add water.
Let it cook on full flame for a few minutes.
Cook till soft and mushy on slow fire.

In winters you could use fresh garlic,this really enhances the flavor.Also serve it piping me you will relish the dish!

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  1. wow! this is an interesting recipe with leftover chapatis!! I am always interested in reusing the leftovers :)

  2. Yumm, wat a fabulous dish with leftover chappathis, sounds truly interesting..

  3. What a great way to use up leftovers.

  4. Very nice recipe to use leftover chapathis. The dish looks awesome..

  5. Interesting way to use the leftover rotis.

  6. Girl, you are making me bookmark all your Sindhi dishes, and as you know I already made one. This one sounds superb too :)

  7. What an interesting curry with chapathis. I don't think we can make any dish that tastes the same as our mom or grandmom. I think we should think that our children will feel the same way about our dishes and be happy. :-)

  8. curries with chapatti....nice way to use chapatti....interesting recipe...

  9. hi vaishali
    i tried this recipe for Blog Hop Wed...very delicious n flavorful dish..we loved it a lot my kids too enjoyed ..thanx for this lovely recipe