Thursday, September 18, 2014

Poori - Melt in the mouth kinds

Poori is a puffed deep fried bread. I never ever thought I would ever blog about something as simple as poori. This is a special poori , this has been made in a different manner, which makes these ultra soft. So soft that they melt in the mouth.

I had never heard the word Saanth...and now when I have started reading about breads, I realize that they need some kind of starters, and this poori has been made with the same concept. The saanth acts as a starter which is made with curd, ghee ENO or egg white.This helps the poori to become super soft.

Shireen Anwar of Zaiqa on  PTV gives us this wonderful recipe and I must say this is the ultimate poori recipe . I served this Poori with Chole , Aloo Bhujia and Halwa which is served as a Sunday breakfast in Pakistan. You have to try this breakfast to believe how delicious it could be. Coming to the poori recipe...

2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup wheat flour
1/2 tsp salt

2 tbsp curd
2 tbsp ghee
1 tbsp all purpose flour
Egg white of one egg or 1/4 tsp ENO

Mix the flours and salt.
Add the saanth and mix well with hands.
Add water gradually and bind it to a dough.
Cover and keep aside for 10-15 minutes.
Make balls, roll into discs.
Deep fry,

This is the breakfast that I served

( a chickpea curry made nice and tangy with tamarind pulp, and minimum oil being the specialty)

( raw potatoes simmered with spices for hours without a drop of oil)

( a semolina pudding with kewra and cardamom flavoring)

( a all purpose flour and whole wheat four puffed bread, made in a unique style)

( a yogurt based drink)

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  1. Interesting, first time hearing about a starter for poori. These must belong to the bhatua family. I see these are made with all purpose flour

  2. Not a fan of deep fried foods your pooris have come out great!

  3. Agree the pooris do look so soft!

  4. I don't make pooris often -- may be once every 6 months. But your clicks and the tip of making saanth are tempting me to try these soon.
    Quick question: do these pooris absorb lot of oil??

  5. super :-)) Pooris dont figure in my house often ! but these are delicious and i love chole with poori - nothing else comes close :-)) takes me straight to Old Delhi and Punjab !! lovely choice of country - Pakistan - for alphabet P.. it didnt even occur to me !

  6. we love pooris in any form and shape, but adding curds makes me wonder whether the poori would turn too oily but looking at your pictures, i am assured that this is tried and tested recipe, will make it tomorrow

  7. pooris must be so soft with the starter

  8. Wow, the method sounds so different and I have to try this one. Looks so good Vaishali...