Mexican Banana Nutella Burrito

This is one of the most simple recipes one can ever make....and yet the taste is mind blowing. The chocolate lovers can't find a easier way to fulfill that chocolate craving with a Mexican dessert which is equally nutritious. The banana burrito was quick to assemble as all products were ready. The tortilla, nutella and banana, all wrapped up.

 This was a part of The Mexican Breakfast that I served for Buffet on the Table.

Banana Burritos
Serves : 1


1 medium banana
1 flour tortilla
2 tbsp nutella

Spread nutella evenly on the tortilla.
Place the whole banana on one edge of the tortilla.
Roll the tortilla.

Instead of nutella peanut butter can be used.
You could sprinkle cinnamon sugar before rolling the tortilla.
You could top with whipped cream and nuts and raisins.

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