Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mexican Breakfast

BM # 56
Week : 4 , Day: 3
Theme: Breakfast across Countries
Country : Mexico

Though Mexican cuisine is a blend of indigenous (Indian) and Spanish influences, most Mexicans continue to eat more native foods, such as corn, beans, and peppers. Such foods are cheap and widely available. Bread and pastries are sold, but the tortilla, homemade or bought daily at the local tortillería (tortilla stand), is the basis of the typical meal. Flour tortillas are also eaten, especially in northern Mexico, but the corn variety is most popular.

Breakfast in Mexico can range from a simple cup of coffee to a huge spread featuring huevos rancheros. 

Mexican cuisine has been one of my favorite, I guess , because it has Indian traits, for today I have a spread where I served this breakfast for dinner. Somehow a elaborate breakfast is a complete no in our family, since it was a working day I planned it for dinner.

The menu

( potatoes stir fried with onion and pepper)

( spinach and rice stuffed tortilla)

Banana Buritto
(Nutella and banana stuffed tortilla)

Hot Cocoa
( a typical Mexican drink)

Tomato Salsa

Sour Cream


Orange Juice


The accompaniments

The complete menu was a hit, the stuffed tortillas tasted fantastic . The combo of spinach and salsa was amazing. My hubby loved the rice and did not mind them as it is.
Potatoes are a hot favorite , so one can't go wrong with them.
The Banana Buritto...well inspite of my not eating banana I loved this , the nutella banana combo is eternal. You could surely add some nuts to make it perfect breakfast.
Hot cocoa is a all time Mexican treat, which was relished by my niece.
All in all a lovely meal.

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  1. Even I made Mexican for day 3 and even I don't eat bananas. Again a virtual treat for us.

  2. Wow such a feast Vaishali!..I am sure I will not be able to complete this meal..:)

  3. Love that banana nuttela burito yummm what a beautiful breakfast...

  4. I second Padma.. that stands out. amazing

  5. Am completely lost between those both burritos though nutella banana burrito is torturing me.. Again a fantastic spread.

  6. Wow you are rocking.All the dishes looks outstanding.

  7. You made all these in a day.. I am feeling tired just looking at them... Wowow

  8. you have created so many dishes here Vaishali...this is really awesome and seems fit for king

  9. many dishes for breakfast. Love the platter & kudos to your effort.

  10. That banana nutella burrito sounds really innovative. I bet your family enjoyed the feast.

  11. Wow. That Mexican breakfast looks absolutely amazing.

  12. a royal feast - thats what it is...

  13. Excellent spread, My little one loves the banana-nutella combo. I can try that roll for her!

  14. What a treat and feast to the eyes, awesome.