Idde Appung / Idiyappam / String Hoppers

Idiyappam is culinary specialty in Kerala, Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu and southern areas of Karnataka.It is also a culinary staple in Sri Lanka. The name idiyappam derives from the Tamil / Malayalam words idi, meaning 'broken down', and appam, meaning "pancake". Pronounced as e-di- ap-pam / appung.

It is made of rice flour, wheat flour or ragi flour , salt and water. It is generally served as the main course at breakfast or dinner together with a curry (potato, egg, fish or meat curry) and coconut chutney. It is also served with coconut milk and sugar in Sri Lanka and in the Malabar region of Kerala. 
I served it with Potato curry and Sri Lankan Curry.

Idde Appung ( String Hoppers)
1 cup rice flour
1/2 cup hot water
Salt to taste
Make a soft dough with hot water adding salt.
Put this dough in a sev press or a string hopper mould with fine holes.
Press into heaps onto a wet cloth.
Steam for 5-7 minutes.
Serve with hot curry.

Recipe Source: Jyoti Nikunj Parekh

Menu for the Sri Lankan  Meal
Cauliflower Frikadels
Dry Potato Curry
Idde Appung
Coconut Rice
Lankan Curry
Beet Root Salad
Pol Sambol
Sinhalese Acharu
Lankan Curry Powder

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