Sri Lankan Beetroot Salad

While making Sadya from Kerala,  I read about the beet root pachadi, which is quite the same as beet root raita, just a different name. The Sri Lankan version is different though. Instead of using curd they use Mayo, and the result, just amazing. It's a simple recipe but unbelievable flavor.

For pickled cucumbers, I grated them and added some salt and vinegar on the previous day.

Beet Root Salad
2 beets boiled and peeled
2 pickled cucumbers
2 garlic cloves
Grate beets .
 Chop garlic cloves finely.
Add pickled cucumbers.
Combine all ingredients and stir in mayonnaise.
Recipe Source: Here

Menu for the Sri Lankan  Meal
Cauliflower Frikadels
Dry Potato Curry
Idde Appung
Coconut Rice
Lankan Curry
Beet Root Salad
Pol Sambol
Sinhalese Acharu
Lankan Curry Powder

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