Vietnamese Pickled Vegetables

Initially I thought pickles are popular here in India only , but while making a search I found that these are popular world wide. These may not be spices like the Indian pickles but sure are tangy and pep up the food.

Here is a quick Vietnamese pickle which I served with the Vietnamese meal.

All you need to do is peel carrots, cucumbers, radish.., you can use any other veggies too. Cut these into julienne and immerse them in a jar full of water.Add salt , sugar and vinegar. Wait for 2 days and it is done.

The menu for the day
Vietnamese Curry  made with Vietnamese curry powder
Rice Noodles
Pan Fried Tofu
Dipping Sauce
Pan Fried Chillies
Bean Thread Noodle Salad
Pickled vegetables
Lemon Tea

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