Thursday, September 24, 2015

Costo Rica Breakfast

BM # 56
Week : 4 , Day: 4
Theme: Breakfast across countries
Country : Costo Rica

Costa Rica is a country in North America, and today we are going to enjoy it's traditional breakfast.

Costa Rican Cuisine is known for being fairly mild, with high reliance on fresh fruits and vegetables.Rice and black beans are a staple of most traditional Costo Rican meals and is often served on all three meals. These beans are used in many dishes, the most popular being Gallo Pinto , which also happens to be their National Dish.
Gallo Pinto consists of rice and beans stir fried together. It is usually prepared with onions and peppers, some use red while sometimes yellow pepper . It is usually served for breakfast with scrambled or fried eggs , sour cream and cheese. They also serve Salsa Lizano which is a store bought famous salsa. 

Gallo Pinto was on my list , but I could not get black beans here, so I asked one of my cousins to get them from US. So sweetly she got me dried beans and also a can of these. 

But my luck with this dish was very bad, the day I planned , I forgot to soak the beans, I remembered the tin! , but ....I couldn't find it , as a result I landed up cleaning the complete store. Result..I found the tin but I was exhausted and it was past lunch. I decided to make it in the evening.The rice was ready and the rest of accompaniments were ready too. So I finished making my garnishes and proceeded to toss the rice..and now I could not find the box of boiled rice which I had saved from my lunch. I assumed that the staff boy must have needed more rice and finished.

I felt frustrated but kept my cool and made some fresh rice. Finally I made a small portion of Gallo Pinto . I plated it and while I was trying to get the rest of the things ready, the staff boy dropped the plated rice. Can you believe my frustration. I felt so miserable. I had a very very small portion of rice, yes whatever I have plated is all that was there and I had no energy or mood to redo the dish. So finally I plated this small portion.

 God had to really test me that day , suddenly the sky turned black and there was a heavy shower . I picked all stuff and brought it indoors and finally clicked. 
So after so many hitches the pictures were clicked. 

Today's Menu

(rice and black beans tossed together)

( cottage cheese crumbled  and with onion and tomato)

( flat bread, wheat or corn based)



(tomato onion dip)

( a condiment )

Orange juice

Coconut water

Flavored Yogurt

Caramelized Bananas

 Gallo Pinto

Scrambled Cottage Cheese

Salsa , Sour Cream , Chimmichuri

Flavored Yogurt

   Fruity Toast 

Orange Juice , Coconut Water

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  1. Great job, Vaishali! Love your presentation. I've never had Costa Rican cuisine before, I wanna try some of these. Also, I just tried your bread pancakes and they turned out delish! The kids, especially my daughter, absolutely loved 'em. Keep experimenting with vegetarian recipes, I'm a huge fan of your blog!!!

  2. Vaishali, must have been so frustrating when things go wrong...esp when you plan so much and so well..even though you had so many mishaps that day, I love the final picture..its a picture of hard labour and love...its turned out so beautiful!..

  3. Looks like it was one of those days where everything goes wrong. But I am glad you were able to click some pictures and did not have to redo the breakfast again. Can imagine your frustration. Your spread is delicious and pictures are beautiful.

  4. Hats off to your patience Vaishali after all that struggle you took pictures. If I was in your stage that day I would have leave every thing. beautiful picture and delicious looking spread yumm..

  5. Sometimes it happens with us na but I am glad to know that you have managed to click very beautiful pictures despite of all the obstacles.The whole spread looks amazing.I would love to try that fruity toast and gallo pinto.

  6. Love all the pics. Glad you managed to click the beautifully. Hats off.

  7. Omg, thats really amazing to see how wonderfully you clicks after all those obstacles.. Amazing,after seeing your spread my tummy is completely full.. Hats off to you.

  8. Wonderful clicks Vaishali... Yeah some days it is just for frustration... Good u did not have redo it again

  9. everything still looks perfect here...but i can imagine your have great deal of patience i must executed as visualised

  10. Wonderful platter..Your clicks are beautifully after all those struggles, Hats off to your patience and determination.

  11. what can i say ?? except to drool (once again) on an amazing spread ...

  12. That was definitely a very eventful day Vaishali. If that happens to me, then I'll be so upset and just call it a day!! You persevered and were able to take beautiful clicks as well.

  13. awww. Hugs to you. The pics are still beautiful. Off to check the recipes now.

  14. Perseverance always pays, right? Lovely pictures and wonderfully plated. I am eyeing that mango on choco toast :)

  15. That fruity toast and caramalized bananas are calling me. :) Inviting spread.